ISO 14001, the guarantee of our commitment

February 1st 2016


The ELSA-Mifroma Group acquired ISO 14001 certification in November 2015, following a two-year process. This certification will help us to manage our environmental impact while also fulfilling the objectives of our strategy.

It was in 2014 that the ELSA-Mifroma Group launched the certification process. Today, adherence to the standard ISO 14001 is an integrative part of our management system and conforms to the long-term strategy of M-Industry What’s more, all the measures we put in place in order to be compliant with the standard have also helped us to implement specific measures that benefit the environment.

A standard for environmental management

The ISO 14001 standard covers a wide range of measures. Two important elements are the observance of legal requirements and risk management for the environment. These are joined by measures relating to activities that have the greatest environmental impact. In the specific case of ELSA-Mifroma, these concern the indirect impact of milk production, the consumption of energy, CO2 emissions and even the production of organic waste.

But things don’t end there. The environment forms an integral part of our working philosophy and will remain an area of continuous improvement for us. We will continue to develop our environmental management system with re-certification audits.

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