Supporting people with disabilities in employment

October 14th 2015


Isidro De Oliveira, Business sector, ELSA
Pierre-Alain Gremeaud, Socio-professional supervisor, La Rosière

A disability doesn’t stop an active life

About 10% of the population lives with a disability. This does not mean that the people concerned need to be excluded from the working world. In fact, a great many people with disabilities can take part in a wide range of activities and find their place within a company.

La Rosière, a winning choice

Within the ELSA-Mifroma Group, we have long understood the importance of assisting people with disabilities. That’s why, in 1987, ELSA (then called CESA, Conserves Estavayer SA) helped create the La Rosière Foundation, based in Estavayer-le-Lac. The Foundation helps people with disabilities enter into an active working life following specialized training. This can be either within the Foundation itself – where there is a cookie factory and a laundry service – or within an external company, including ELSA.

A dedicated team

A socio-professional coordinator manages the daily needs and interaction between La Rosière and ELSA. Within the company, Foundation residents work in various capacities: packaging (wrapping duo-packs, for example, or putting on stickers for special promotions); assembly (putting on top-cups); or in the grocery sector.

People with disabilities have the same hopes and ambitions as anyone else. By giving them an opportunity to work daily within its teams, ELSA enables them to be an active part of company life, to put their skills to use, to build connections with co-workers, and to therefore feel fully integrated into society.

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