Our apprentices go green

August 3rd 2015


From the 6th to 10th July 2015, ELSA-Mifroma Group apprentices contributed to the community by taking part in Green Week.

Green Week is an annual event focused on organized volunteering by ELSA-Mifroma Group apprentices of all stripes (retail employees, milk technologists, computer scientists, logisticians, laboratory technicians, automated machine operators, etc.).

The idea? Under the guidance of their apprenticeship supervisors, the apprentices “go green” by doing volunteer work out in the community, beyond the framework of our businesses. This sustainability action is designed to help these young people grow in terms of both the spirit of collaboration and sense of solidarity.

A week in Gruyere

Green Week, which has been taking place for more than 20 years already, was held this year from July 6th to 10th in the bucolic Gruyere region.

With energy and enthusiasm, our young apprentices took on a variety of works, such as the construction of a playground, the refurbishment of an ATV course or the development of an educational forest path. Aside from this hands-on work, the busy week included two educational breaks and an official part with members of ELSA-Mifroma’s leadership, community officials and people involved in the projects.

Everyone’s involved

It’s not luck that makes Green Week such a success. It takes meticulous organisation, starting from 15 to 12 months before the event. The program takes place each year in a different region according to an established rotation (Estavayer region, Ursy region, and another region elsewhere in French-speaking Switzerland). Each year, a different apprenticeship supervisor heads the project.

Aside from the apprentices themselves, there are a number of players involved in the project: the apprenticeship supervisors, of course, but also authorities and employees of the communities concerned. To all: a great thank you for your extraordinary contributions!

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